Templeton Law Office

For almost a century, members of the Templeton family were in the practice of law in Wellington.

Robert H. Templeton (1879-1939) received his law degree in 1904. In 1905 he was County Attorney in Collingsworth County. His brother, Rufus Lee Templeton (1883-1927) joined him in the practice of law in 1920. In 1921, Rufus Lee was elected the first Judge of 100th District Court. Robert’s nephew, Rufus Lee Templeton II (1920-2000), was county judge from 1949 to 1958 and county attorney from 1961 to 1982.

Both Rufus Lee Templeton and Rufus Lee Templeton II served in the Texas Legislature. Furnishings in this office were in use in the Templeton Law Office when it closed in 1994.