Music Room

Permanent in this exhibit are the square piano manufactured by Mathushek Piano Manufacturing Company of New Haven, Connecticut, and the DaVenOla Record Player, made by the Davenport Cabinet Works, Davenport, Iowa. Also on exhibit is a Victor III record player manufactured between 1905 and 1922 by Victor Talking Machine Co.

A RCA cabinet radio Model 19K made in the 1930s and owned by the Horton Family is also on exhibit.

A 1950 Motorola television with a 6” round screen was one of the first televisions in Wellington. The first television reception in Wellington was The Arthur Godfrey Show on WKY, Channel 4 in Oklahoma City.

On a rotating basis, an organ from the Collingsworth County Museum’s collection is on display. This collection includes The Brattleboro, a pump organ manufactured by The Esty Organ Company, Brattleboro, Vermont and owned by the Forbis Family of the Pleasant Point Community; an Epworth Pipe Tone Organ made by Williams Organ Company, Chicago, that first was used in the Fresno Methodist Church then the First United Methodist Church in Wellington, then purchased by J.B. Stevenson for his family. Another pump organ in the collection is the Reynolds Family’s very ornate organ manufactured by W.W. Putnam & Co. of Saunton, VA. The Jeffrey organ is a D.W. Karn & Co. organ made in Woodstock, Canada.